Bad Breath in Dogs – Is it a Reason to Visit the Vet?


Many dog owners notice that pet has bad breath. It would seem that the food is good, and there are no problems with digestion – so where does the problem come from? Let’s talk about the causes of bad breath in dogs and how to prevent it.

Reasons why a Dog Has Bad Breath

In humans, bad breath often indicates problems with digestion. But when it comes to dogs, in most cases the cause of unpleasant smell from the mouth are diseases of the oral cavity.

The most common reasons why a dog has bad smell coming from mouth are the following: calculus, periodontal disease and gingivitis. All these diseases are interrelated, as one provokes the emergence of another.

For example, calculus is formed from accumulated plaque, which was not removed in a timely manner. In turn, the bad breath in dogs treatmentformation of calculus provokes the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms and, as a result, provokes periodontal disease (inflammation of the tissues surrounding the tooth) and gingivitis (inflammation of the gum tissues). Inflammatory processes in the oral cavity are the answer to the question of why the dog has bad smell coming from mouth.

Moreover, if you do not take timely measures and do not start treatment, the lesions will go to the teeth and bones of the jaw, periodontitis will develop, the consequences of which are irreversible. So the health and even life of your dog depend on the efficiency of treatment. As in almost all diseases, the problem is easier to prevent than to eliminate. Moreover, dental plaque with all its consequences is quite easy to prevent, if you know how.

Prevention of Calculus in Dogs

Prevention of calculus and oral diseases in dogs involves:

  • bad smell from mouth in dogsProper feeding: balanced granulated dry food on a regular basis and special balanced wet dog food. No violations of the diet and no treats from the table. Unsuitable food clogs the mouth of the animal, creates favorable conditions for the reproduction of bacteria and adversely affects digestion as a whole.
  • Hygiene of the oral cavity. Regularly inspect the condition of the mouth and teeth of the dog. In the event of problems contact the veterinary specialist timely.
  • Preventive goodies. Spoil your pet with the special preventive goodies that contribute to the elimination of plaque (e.g. toothbrushes Mnyams) and fresh breath. This is a tasty, pleasant and useful prevention.
  • Preventive toys. Properly selected preventive toys (e.g. Оrka Petstages toys) will help to eliminate plaque directly during the game, thereby preventing the formation of calculus. Combine the prevention with pleasure!
  • dog has bad smell coming from mouthPreventive additives. The most effective way to prevent calculus are special feed additives for passive oral hygiene. Due to its composition (zinc, sulfates, silicates, etc.), such additives inhibit and stop the formation of dental plaque, as well as contribute to the maintenance of health of the oral cavity and teeth of the dog as a whole. Good supplements are completely safe for the body. For example, the additive ProDen PlaqueOff is made on the basis of dried algae which is a completely natural remedy and can be used with both natural and dry food. Its main advantage is the round-the-clock protection of teeth from plaque and calculus formation. If pastes, gels and sprays are quickly washed off and have a short-term effect, the feed additive ProDen PlaqueOff is absorbed into the body and is constantly released with saliva into the oral cavity, providing its round-the-clock protection. Moreover, the feed additive helps to cope with the already formed dental plaque (in the early stages). Just a month after the application of the additive, the calculus softens and can be cleaned.

As you can see, the above mentioned measures are easy to put into daily practice and make part of basic care. Each of these steps will help to maintain the health of the pet’s mouth and avoid serious consequences in the future. And, of course, thanks to them you will be able to forget about such a problem as bad breath in dogs. Take care of the health of your four-legged friends!

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