Are Cracks on a Dog’s Nose Dangerous?


Sometimes dog owners face a specific problem – excessive dryness of the nose, which can lead to the appearance of cracks. Since the sense of smell for an animal is very important, cracked skin on dogs’ nose can cause serious complications, especially in the presence of infection in the wounds. It is difficult to determine the causes of this condition, as it can be provoked by different factors.


Dry and hot nose is not always caused by serious diseases, but the appearance of cracks in the background of the inflammatory process, indicate the presence of serious health problems. This is a kind of signal that appropriate measures need to be taken urgently. If a dog has cracked skin on nose, this can be caused by factors such as:

  1. cracked skin on dogs’ noseHeredity and age-related changes. Warm nose for most puppies is a common phenomenon, moreover, for breeds with slow metabolism it is generally a variant of the norm.
  2. Most pets have dry and warm nose during sleep or immediately after waking up. This is not strange, the condition is quite normal. You should sound the alarm in the event that animal lost its appetite, became sluggish, it has an increase in body temperature and other signs of illness against the background of such a distinctive feature.
  3. Fatigue. After a long game the animal is not able to regulate the functions of the body well, as a result its nose can be dry.

These causes of warm and dry nose are natural and could not harm the health of the animal. However, cracked skin on dogs’ nose can speak about such serious diseases as:

  • Result of injury. The nose shell is very sensitive, when it hits, cracks may occur. This brings discomfort and severe pain to the animal, because it loses the sense of smell, not only as a consequence of cracks in the skin, but also due to bruises and swelling from the impact;
  • hard cracks on a dog's noseInfection. In its turn, it is divided into indirect and direct infection. If a dog has cracked skin on nose, the cause may be a bad cold, such a fatal disease as distemper and other infectious diseases. The animal can also bring bacteria and fungi to its nose if there is a source of infection in the mouth or on the body. Infection can be caused by excessive curiosity. The animal can dig sand or ground, trash pile, etc. the result is inflammation and painful cracks;
  • Old age. With age, animals have problems with metabolic processes that can cause tissue disease;
  • Diseases. Liver damage, diabetes, worm infestation, pemphigus, allergic reaction-all these diseases can cause drying of the nose and as a result – cracks on it;
  • Avitaminosis. In young children, cracks in the area of the fingertips can be observed as a result of a lack of vitamins in the body. A dog’s nose is something like that;
  • Stress. The body of the animal might react in such a way to any unusual situation.

Since there are many causes of nasal fractures, only a veterinarian can make an accurate diagnosis. Also, a specialist should prescribe treatment, because the use of antibiotics can be not only harmful to health, but also completely useless, for example, with mucosal fungus or worms.

Signs of Pathology

If the reason for cracking nose is pathological, then it is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  1. dog has cracked skin on noseIncreased dryness of the skin;
  2. Peeling;
  3. Increase or decrease in body temperature, as well as local temperature increase;
  4. Absence of appetite;
  5. Changes in behavior;
  6. Rhinitis;
  7. The emergence of regular combs in the affected area;
  8. Vomiting, nausea;
  9. Problems with urination and liquid stool.

In the presence of the above mentioned signs, it is recommended to show the pet to a vet to identify the problem and prescribe timely treatment.

Solutions of the Problem

Treatment in this condition should be targeted, directly related to the cause which provoked cracks on the nose. Therefore, the treatment at home can not only be pointless but also dangerous for the animal. First of all, you need to identify the cause of the disease, and on this basis, the vet will prescribe medications and procedures.

Dry surface of the nose can be lubricated with Trivita vitamin solution, ointments for the appointment of a veterinarian. It is necessary to exclude the possibility of injury and rubbing this area with a muzzle, which can only aggravate the condition. In addition, the animal must stay calm and clean. You should ensure balanced diet and adhere to the full course of treatment prescribed by a veterinarian.

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