Are Dark Spots on a Dog’s Belly Dangerous?


Dark spots on dogs’ belly are frequent thing which triggers the owners’ concern. Appearance of such spots may indicate a disease or, more rarely, may mean incorrect conditions of maintenance and nutrition. You should find out the cause of the problem immediately after it is detected.

Keeping Mistakes

In case of improper maintenance, changes in your pet’s skin condition appear in puppy age, frequently even before it is 1 year. There are three major mistakes in keeping of dogs, which can lead to dark color areas on the animal’s skin.

  1. Poor diet. You should feed the animal in accordance with one of two schemes. You should not mix them. The first one is feeding with natural products, and the second is giving dry and wet ready – made dog food. Often the owners begin to use both feeding schemes their pet and alternate natural products with ready-made dog food. This is inappropriate, as it leads to digestive disorders and the development of dysbacteriosis. Against this background, deterioration of the skin occurs and there is a point pigmentation appear on the belly, as well as on the inside of the ears. If you do not improve of the dog nourishment, the spots will spread to other areas of the skin. It is better to feed the pet only with natural food, balanced in terms of nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the very beginning.
  2. Long stay of the dog in the sun. In the summer short-haired dogs may face the problem when they stay under direct sunlight for a long time. As a result, dark spots on dogs’ stomach appear, they are similar to human freckles. For Chinese crested dogs with fair skin such a phenomenon is the norm and is not dangerous. Other breeds should be protected from, because it could easily trigger the development of skin cancer. To protect the animal from the sun it is enough to use a thin cotton blanket.
  3. Lack of exercise. Dogs are active animals by their nature, and a long stay in the apartment with short walks leads to metabolic disorder, which in its turn causes the appearance of dark or red spots on the skin. As the disease progresses adiposis develops, there are failures in the work of internal organs.

Mistakes made by the owner in the course of an animal maintenance are the simplest reasons of the problem and could be eliminated effectively when timely treatment.

Photo of Dark Marks on Dogs Belly

black spot on a dog belly black spots on a dog's belly black spots on a dog's stomach dark spots on a dog's stomach

Diseases that Provoke Spots on the Belly

Less often than due to keeping mistakes, spots on dogs belly may be caused by diseases. One of several pathologies may be the cause of skin color change.

  • Atopic dermatitis. It is a congenital genetic disease in which the body’s sensitivity to various allergens increases significantly. As a result, the dog becomes particularly susceptible to skin allergens. Due to this negative reaction dark or almost black spots appear on the belly where there is no coat or it is present in smaller amounts.
  • Acanthosis nigricans. In case of congenital disease spots appear on the animal before it is one year. Dachshunds  suffer from the pathology more often. The evoked disease affects dogs regardless of age and breed. The main causes that provoke pathologies are obesity and staphylococci affecting the body. Skin pigmentation is disordered throughout the body, but is more clearly visible on the stomach due to its visual accessibility with a small amount of wool.
  • Lentigo. The pathology is found in adult dogs. At that, the dog has dark spots smattering on the belly and chest. They do not cause discomfort to the animal and are painless in palpation. Over the life of the dog the spots do not change its size and color. No treatment is required. Very often the problem is found in dachshunds.
  • Hormonal disorder. Their main causes are failures in work of animals’ genital tract. Spots are often found on dogs older than 5 years that have not been spayed or neutered and never allowed to mating.
  • Pigmented malignant tumors are mostly found in older dogs. They are flat or protrude above the skin, but not more than 1 mm. They are of dark, sometimes almost black color. The treatment possibility is determined by the condition of the animal.


Occasionally dark spots appear on the belly of the dog after a course of iron supplements. This is due to the deposition of iron. This phenomenon is not dangerous and can also pass by itself, as it arose. Treatment of these spots is required only if they bother the pet. Dark spots on the skin of the dog are extremely rare indicator of the norm, so they require careful attention.

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