Why Do Dogs Have Dandruff?


Dandruff occurs in animals as a reaction of dry, irritated and sensitive skin to improper care. It is also an indication of a poor diet that causes allergies.

This is not only about the appearance. When a dog has dandruff, it may be a sign of health problems. For example, if the dandruff has appeared immediately after switching to a new kind of food, it is an excellent indicator that it does not suit the pet.

Seasonal Dandruff

A dog has dandruff in winter if it lives in the house. The reason for this is the beginning of the heating season, in which the air is very dry. As a result, both people and animals suffer from skin.

Careful brushing with a soft brush and moisturizing sprays that you can buy in the vet drugstore may help in such a situation. Globally, the problem should be solved for all the inhabitants of the apartment by frequent ventilation, reducing the power of heating batteries and installing a humidifier.


In this case we are not talking about skin allergies only. Food intolerance, poorly selected food, fatty natural food or a mixture of types of feeding are often manifested by dandruff. The mixture of types of feeding is particularly fraught with the development of severe allergies and dermatoses accompanied by hair loss. When feeding your pet with ready-made food, only some of the vitamins are needed, but not the usual natural food, because the nutrients from its composition are already included in the feed in optimal concentration.

dog has dandruff causesDry skin of a dog reacts to household chemicals and unsuitable medications against vermin. If the pet is constantly combing the skin and hair is in dandruff, but there are no problems with nutrition, and fungal skin diseases are excluded, it is worth trying to change the cleaners. Too strong household chemicals are harmful even to people, so it is better to use products on a more natural basis and with a less pronounced odor.

When treating the house and animals from vermin, it is reasonable to give preference to such drugs, which are indicated for flea dermatitis. This means that they probably do not cause allergies. You should better use cleaners after which you do not need additional washing and ventilation for spraying on furniture and floors. They are less dangerous because they have been tested for allergic reactions.

If a dog has dandruff after washing, this should be a signal to replace the shampoo. The choice of the dog shampoo should be carried out in the same way as the human one. If the pet is regularly treated against vermin with drops, there is no need to wash it with anti-flea shampoo. On the contrary, it can cause excessive dryness and flaking of the skin. The best are soft shampoos with moisturizing effect, which prevent the appearance of hair clots. By the way, these clots also tighten the skin and lead to dandruff.


dog has dandruff in winterHair mites provoke itching, hair loss and profuse dandruff in dogs. Besides, they are dangerous to people and other animals. It will be necessary to treat not only the pet, but also the entire house.

This may difficult and problematic, so to prevent infection of the skin by parasites is more reasonable. To do this, you just need to use the appropriate drops on the withers. During the warm season, when the dog spends a lot of time on the street, you should treat the floors, carpets and litter with antiparasitic spray. If a dog has dandruff and itching, this may indicate vermin.

Immune Diseases

In dogs with hormonal disorders and chronically weakened immune system dandruff is observed almost constantly. Any change of diet or moisturizing sprays will not help in this case. This is just one of the symptoms of the disease, so you should treat not the outward manifestations, but their cause. Diagnosis can be one of the following:

  1. dog has dandruff and itchingeczema;
  2. hormonal imbalance;
  3. diabetes;
  4. dermatitis.

These conditions are not so easy to treat, as they require constant drug therapy. You should not let the disease to run without attention, believing that the problem is only aesthetic. Dry skin in animals causes as much discomfort and even pain as in humans. In addition, it is more susceptible to infection by fungus than the healthy skin.

By the way, fungus is a serious problem, which is first manifested by dandruff. It often becomes noticeable only after the hair loss begins on the affected areas. If the skin is exfoliated unevenly, it makes sense to consult a veterinarian for scraping. It is likely that these “spots” are inhabited by bacterial or fungal infection.

You should realize that the peeling skin in a dog is not just unattractive, but literally painful. It usually accompanies red, itchy skin and dry hair falling out. The cause may be both allergy and serious internal disease. Dandruff in dogs during molting is a reason to check the hormonal background in the body.

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