Is a Dangerous Sign if Dog Vomits Foam?


When a dog vomits foam, it may not always be dangerous.  There could be many reasons for this and it is difficult to determine what has caused the problem on your own. If foamy secretions are accompanied by other alarming symptoms, it is possible that the pet is sick. You should consult a veterinarian in such a situation.


This phenomenon may be caused by both harmless factors, such as hunger, and serious diseases. The main reasons are:

  1. dog vomits with foamHunger. In this case, foamy saliva appears in the corners of the mouth, and a long break between feeding can manifest itself with a single vomiting.
  2. Mechanical irritation. If the dog chewed a stick or bone, the pieces could get stuck between the teeth and injure the oral cavity. If the dog badly chews food and swallows it in chunks, it causes irritation of the digestive organs. The gastric fluid and the mucus mix with the air, causing foaming.
  3. Drugs. Bitter drugs, getting into the oral cavity, cause slight foamy discharge, and medicines in tablet form can irritate the larynx.
  4. Poisoning. While walking the dog might swallow an insect, or even a frog. The latter produce burning mucus, which irritates the stomach. The pet can also be poisoned by poor-quality food or poison.
  5. Narcosis. Dog vomits foam at the end of its action. There are foamy leaks from the mouth, muscle tremors.
  6. Riding in transport. Many animals get motion sickness while on a trip in the car, which stimulates saliva and foam discharges.
  7. dog is vomiting with foamPain syndrome. Pain can provoke the urge to vomit and the foaming of saliva. The same symptoms are often observed after overheating of the body or as a consequence of injury.
  8. Virus infection. They are caused by diseases such as enteritis, distemper, rabies.
  9. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Violations in the liver and gallbladder lead to foaming and frequent vomiting.
  10. Cardiovascular pathology. The state of hypoxia, heart attack cause blueness of the mucous membranes, difficult breathing, foam from the mouth, rapid heartbeat. Epileptic seizures pass with abundant foam expiration and convulsions throughout the body.
  11. Diseases of the oral cavity. Pathologies of teeth and gums caused by bacteria often lead to the fact that dog is vomiting clear foam. Tumors in the mouth and throat are also accompanied by this symptom.


If the foam comes from a dog’s mouth, there is a strong thirst, defluvium from the eyes and nose, and the temperature rises to 40 C, the cause may be virus infection. If the dog is poisoned, it vomits, there is frothy saliva, dog vomits with foammucous membranes are pale and the pet breathes heavily. In almost all cases of intoxication, liquid stool and vomiting occur. If an animal has swallowed poison, the dog is vomiting white foam, and the body cramps.

If the foam is greenish, it may indicate that the animal ate grass or a liver disease or gallbladder disease is developing. In this case, there may also be yellowish discharge from the mouth, especially when the animal is hungry. Liver pathology is accompanied by a putrid smell from vomit and from the oral cavity, as well as the release of viscous saliva and foam. Often there is loss of appetite and jaundice of the mucous membranes.

In the case when a foreign object gets stuck in the mouth or esophagus, the pet is sick, and saliva and foam flow abundantly from the mouth. If the object has injured the mucous membrane, the dog coughs, and the discharge contains traces of blood. If there are filamentous blood veins, it is likely that the problem lies in the oral cavity or teeth. Bright red blood impurities indicate pathology in the throat or esophagus. If bleeding has opened in the gastrointestinal tract, the foam will contain brown admixtures of dried blood. Weakness, nausea and foaming from the dog’s mouth after a head injury may indicate a concussion. If a dog has rabies, it avoids water, and foam comes from the jaws.


If a foreign body is stuck in the dog’s mouth, you can wear rubber gloves and try to pull it out with your fingers. If it is impossible to do it, take the pet to the vet. If the dog is sick in the car, it is enough to bring it to fresh air. If a dog has a foamy discharge with blood, it is necessary to take it to the vet urgently.

In cases of poisoning by food, cleansing the stomach by vomiting and treatment with enterosorbents is prescribed. If the cause of illness was some poison, you will need a specific antidote and cleansing the blood. It is contradicted to provoke vomiting in this case. Before arrival of the doctor it is necessary to ensure that the tongue of the pet during convulsions does not block respiratory ways.

If a heart attack is suspected, the dog should be taken to the clinic. At first, it is recommended to make an injection of a heart drug. If there is foam in the mouth because of rabies, there are no chances to save the pet. You can only alleviate the suffering of the dog, having put it down in the clinic.

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