What May Trigger Scabs on Dog’s Ears?


The ears of an animals act as a spatial orientation instrument and allows them to accurately perceive sound signals. Due to ear diseases, a dog may soon lose its hearing ability, which in its turn will cause health and quality of life damage. In a healthy pet the auricles look clean, sole-colored, show no scabs and raw places, with some possible earwax. When a dog has scabs on its ears, this is a signal of an underlying disease. First of all, you must not try to soak them in water, or rind. What you should do is to determine the cause of the problem expeditiously and start timely treatment to avoid irreversible consequences.

Mechanical Injury

Pets with droopy ears often get injured during fights, and if the damage is minor, the guardian does not often immediately see it as a major concern. As the wounds is healing, a scab forms, which the dog often excoriates with its claws. It does not bleed, but rather releases translucent liquid. Such wounds are also prone to infections. In order to prevent inflammation, the even slight wounds should be treated with an antiseptic. When the area heals, the scabs on the ears of the dog disappear.

Ear Mites in Dogs

When infected with an ear mite, the site of damage is not only inside the ear aisles, but also at the tips of the ears. This parasite, invading the external ear, gets embedded into the upper layer of the skin and feeds on its cornified areas. The bug’s intensive vital activities cause severe itching and inflammation in the animal. At the beginning of the inflammatory process scabs appear inside the external ear. Without treatment, the disease begins to worsen, pus formation may begin, and parasites will multiply yet more actively. Such condition will greatly affect the health and general state of the dog. Additional symptoms of infestation are: heavy smell coming smell from dog’s ears and accumulation of dark brown matter in the external ear. Treatment includes several steps:

  1. Cleanup of the ear with cotton swabs moistened in hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Instilling ear drops prescribed by a veterinary
  3. Processing scrubs with brilliant green.

If you will not start proper treatment in time, the progressing inflammation gets itself into the brain and this may lead to the death of your beloved pet. To avoid such condition with ear mites, one should strictly maintain hygiene and regularly clean the external ear area, strengthen dog’s immunity system, monitor the quality of its meals. Proper care and nutrition are fundamental factors for a swift healing.


If the dog has scabs on the tips of its ears, this can be triggered by dermatitis. But apart from that, the disease affects not only the ears but usually comes accompanied by the appearance of small ulcers and peelings all over the dog’s body. If it is not an advanced stage of a disease, certain ointments will easily help to cope with dermatitis.

Fungoid Infection

Fungoid disease in the ears is a common occurrence. The condition requires long treatment and can be quite problematic to cure. Moreover, it is not always possible to hope for a full recovery. Improper diet, reduced immunity, hypothermia – all these can trigger non-pathogenic fungoid microflora (it is also present in a healthy animal) to active parturiating and cause serious pathology. Fungi life wastage is manifested in the form of dark scabs on the external ear, as well as ulcers under the coat of an animal. The main symptoms of fusarium infection on the ears are:

  • unbearable itching;
  • fetid odor coming from the ears;
  • decreased activity and reduced appetite;
  • restlessness.

In the setting of a florid development of a pathogenic pathway, the animal scratches its ears till it bleeds, thus further enhancing the inflammation process. In the external ear of the pet, black scabs of pus and dried blood can be seen. The permanent satellite fungoid infections appears, which is heavy smell coming from the ears. The treatment is administered in several steps:

  1. processing of ear passages with prescribed solutions;
  2. ear cleanup with certain sulfur-dissolving substances;
  3. administration of antimicrobial and antifungal agents;
  4. keeping of a purposely prescribed diet.

Photo of Scabs on Dog’s Ears

little scabs on dog’s ears red scabs on dog’s ears scabs on dog’s ears with pus small scabs on dog’s ears wet scabs on dog’s ears

Unless it is a very advanced stage of a disease, the treatment can be carried out domiciliary upon condition of a strict adherence to all recommendations. For hot abscesses in the ear canal, the focus of the infection can be treated in a clinical setting. At a later stage, the disease sites are processed with bactericidal agents.

Upon witnessing of dry scabs on the dog’s ears especially when the symptom is accompanied by untypical and restless behavior of an animal, you should immediately seek medical attention, so as to rule out a possibility of a serious illness. One should be especially attentive to their pets to assure forehanded care and promote their quick recovery.

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