Sore Eyes in Dogs – Causes and Treatments


Quite often when dogs have sore eyes, their owners have the impression that the problem is in the organ of vision itself. In fact, there are many causes that may trigger such pathology.

Possible Causes

There are many reasons why dogs’ eyes may turn sore and itchy. If the pus is also visible, conjunctivitis can be assumed. This disease is not a dangerous one, but if not treated timely, it can be infectious for other pets. The main causes for itching and purulent secretions in dog’s eyes include:

  • sore eye in dogsinjuries that may be a routine occurrence if the animal loves to explore bushes;
  • a foreign body. Some small specks often get on the mucous membrane of the eye. Sometimes, even before making a decision on the first aid treatment, an x-ray may be required;
  • mouth cavity diseases. These mucous membranes are interrelated. If the pet has a pathology on its oral mucosa, purulent secretions in its eyes are a predictable after-effect;
  • allergic reactions that are common in dogs;
  • compromised immunity. In this case, the inflamed mucosa is a sign of nothing more than a hypothermia;
  • bacterial diseases, which are most often caused by streptococcus and staphylococcus. In this case, the pet develops signs of photophobia and general discomfort;
  • viral infections. Sore eyes in this case are a sign of a serious illness such as plague, rabies, enteritis;
  • intestinal worms may often cause sore eyes in dogs. In this case, thick white liquid is also released from the eye socket, which, upon drying, causes the eyelids clogging;
  • anatomical features. There are animal breeds that have a certain predisposition to conjunctivitis. These include pugs, Pekingese, etc.

Phases of the Condition

Purulent secretions in dog’s eyes is a very noticeable symptom. There are several stages of sore eyes on dogs.

  1. in dogs eyes with soresFirst of all, eye redness manifests itself. The eyes becomes inflamed, eyelids swollen. If timely treatment was not provided purulent discharge develops. The dog becomes restless, it whines, refuses food. As the secretions dry, purulent scabs appear.
  2. The second stage is characterized by purulent additive. In this case, the beginning of an inflammatory process in the eye can be assumed.
  3. In the third stage, reduced general condition is obvious. The dog cannot open its eyes properly and suffers from photophobia. The pet refuses any food, becomes sluggish. Pus spreads beyond the eyelid area.

In case of an acute disease, consultation with a veterinarian is crucial.

Dangerous Conditions

If the soreness of eyes in a dog manifests itself after a walk along a dusty road, this is not a dangerous case. Of course, qualified first aid treatment should be performed and, if necessary, a visit to a veterinary should be made. Moreover, you should try and boost the pet’s immune system. The stronger the animal is the easier it copes with such diseases. When similar symptoms occur after some trimming of the animal’s coat, it may also be aт innocuous condition. Usually it is nothing more but the hair that got into the pet’s eye and caused the irritation and a possible allergic reaction. When sore eyes in a dog are accompanied by more serious symptoms, it is a sign of a major illness that may lead to a visual loss. Signs of the inflammatory process include:

  • has appeared sore in eyes in dogsgeneral critical condition of the dog;
  • it refuses favorite foods;
  • increased body temperature;
  • dull eyes;
  • greenish secretions;
  • profuse tearing;
  • ulcerative lesions of eyes.

Also try to restrict the pet from rubbing its eyes with paws.

First Aid Treatment

If the soreness of eyes in a dog manifests itself after a walk, first, you need to flush its eyes with clean water. To perform this, you should use lukewarm boiled water. If at all possible, use distilled water. Cleaning should be performed with a cotton disc, from the outer edge of the eye to its inner corner. To prevent penetration of the infection, it is advisable to apply some eye ointment with tetracycline. It will be a timely help to prevent the inflammatory process from spreading and to stop the development of conjunctivitis to its acute stages.

For sore eyes on dogs veterinarians prescribe flushing eyes with fresh tea or  certain herbal brews, for example, of calendula or chamomile. If the dog develops sore eyes after sleep, you need to apply to the swollen area cotton swabs dipped in above mentioned brews. When the scabs sluff away, apply eye drops for sore eyes. For example, sulfacetamide or levomycetin should be administered twice a day for seven days. Moreover, during this period, the dog should be kept on a hypoallergenic diet. It means excluding sweets, eggs, canned foods, fish.

Even if after the treatment, the dog’s condition is much better, do not postpone a visit to the veterinary. Since it is easier to cure the disease at its early stage than to deal with recurrent chronic inflammations.

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