Swollen Eye in Dogs – How Should Master Perform First Aid?


Wild changes in the appearance of the pet usually make the owner to think about the causes of this phenomenon. If your dog’s eye swollen this unpleasant and dangerous condition requires immediate actions to be taken. The cause of the swelling may be injury, allergic reaction or disease. Only a veterinarian can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe an effective therapy after the examination of the animal.


There are several causes of dogs eye swelling up. It can indicate the presence of internal problems in the body or be caused by external factors. Often, the swelling is accompanied by symptoms such as:

  • The presence of swelling accompanied by purulent discharge indicates conjunctivitis. The cause of the disease may be an infection in the eye. Also, the development of conjunctivitis is observed against the background of colds;
  • The swelling of the eyelid above the eye is barley. Its development is possible as a result of debris in the eye, which provoked inflammation of the meibomian gland;
  • Increased lacrimation on the background of the swelling is an allergic reaction. A new product in the diet of an animal, a foreign object in the eye, an insect bite, etc. can provoke an allergy.;
  • One dog’s eye swollen with inflammation of cornea means keratitis. The cause may be worms, infection and eye injury;
  • If a fear of light developed against the background of the swelling – the cause is blepharitis. A dog looks like a man who was badly bitten by bees. Its eyes are like little slits, the animal cannot even open them. Dog tries to find a secluded place, covering its eyes with its legs;
  • Not only the eye, but also part of the muzzle is swallen – anaphylactic shock caused by a strong allergic reaction. There is an increase in symptoms, if you do not start appropriate treatment, it can cause death. The reason for such a reaction can be soft tissue injuries, for example, after a fight of two dogs. Swelling after such an injury can cause hematomas;
  • Swelling of the eyes that occurs periodically manifest kidney or heart disease. If edema manifests itself in the morning, and then passes, it indicates the presence of problems with internal organs.

You cannot diagnose a disease by yourself. Therefore, upon the appearance of the first symptoms you should immediately go to the vet, as some swelling develops pretty quickly.

What Measures Should Be Taken?

If there is swelling in dog’s eye and its festering, you should immediately contact the vet. Only a specialist is able to accurately examine the animal and prescribe effective treatment. Before going to the vet, you can try to remove the swelling yourself, using antihistamines. You can use Loratadine, Claritin, Diazolin, Suprastin. You can rinse the eye with boiled water or a weak solution of chamomile broth. To facilitate the general condition of the animal, it is recommended to lubricate the with Tetracycline ointment. Cold compress may be used to remove the pain. A bottle or warmer with cold water with ice, wrapped in a clean towel is applied to the eye. The vessels will narrow because of the cold, whereby the swelling subsides a bit.

Photo of Swollen Eyes in Dogs

eyes is swelling in dogs in dogs eye swelling up in dogs swollen eye swollen eye in dogs and discharge swollen eyes in dogs

How Is the Treatment Performed?

Only a vet is able to determine exactly the cause of the swelling of the eyes, so you should not perform independent treatment. Mild allergic reaction caused by chemicals or food will pass itself, after the use the antihistamine. If the swelling persists, you should consult a veterinarian, as in angioedema, the swelling may go to the larynx and the animal suffocates. You have to go to the vet if swollen eyes in dogs occur on the background of the following symptoms:

  1. Vomiting.
  2. Hurried breathing.
  3. Redness in the oral mucosa.
  4. The tumor begins to grow in size.

Before the arrival of the vet, it is recommended to make a shot of Prednisone, Diazolin, Diphenhydramine, Phencarolum. Treatment of the eye swelling should be prescribed depending on its cause:

  • In the case of hematoma, insect stings and injuries, the tumor should be opened. Places which got infected should be cleaned. Extremely dangerous are snake bites that can occur during walks in nature. In this case a special serum has to be used;
  • Treatment of conjunctivitis should be carried out with the help of ophthalmic agents: drops and ointments. You can use drugs like: Erythromycin, Kanamycin, Levomycetin.

You should not carry out self-treatment in the formation of tumors in the animal’s eyes. After providing the pet with first aid, you should show it to the veterinarian without delay. The specialist will determine the cause of the disease and prescribe effective treatment. Only the help of a professional and correct diagnosis will help to save your pet from eye problems.

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