Appearance of Black Dots on Dog’s Chin – Is it Normal?


Black dots on dogs chin are rarely discussed. This problem is more common for cats. However, a similar phenomenon is also observed by the owners of other animals. The causes are really similar but it is important to determine when it is permissible to wait or treat the disease yourself, and when it is not. The thing is, these dots may not be harmless dirt that appears because the dog could not easily clean the chin itself. There is a possibility of infection, violation of internal metabolic processes in the body or dermatoses.

How to Distinguish Dirt from Skin Problems?

The dog is a natural-born explorer and needs to stick its nose everywhere. Therefore, it is not surprising that a pet often comes from a walk with a dirty muzzle, even at home a dog can manage to find at least dust and cobwebs. You can determine that this is the reason by the following signs:

  • black dots had appeared on dog's chinDirt is not uniform in color.
  • Dark lumps are different in size.
  • Points and spots are easily washed away, there are no red irritated areas under them.
  • Dry dirt can be removed with a napkin after soaking.

If black dots on dogs chin can be cleaned and the pet does not feel discomfort in the process, there is nothing to worry about. However, if the dirt has been removed, there is a sore place in its place and the animal tries to scratch it, it’s likely a chemical burn, allergy or trauma. If in the first two cases it is clear that we are talking about a substance that caused a reaction, then the latter is worth adding a few words. The dog may hit its chin on something dirty and redness is not eczema but injury. It is better to visit a veterinarian to determine whether the jaw is damaged. In all other cases, you can be sure that the black scabs on dog’s chin and at the roots of the hair indicate the presence of skin diseases. In particular, it can be acne arising from allergies, stress, metabolic disorders, malnutrition. The following symptoms can be observed:

  1. black dots appeared on dog's chinthe black dots cannot be removed with a soft, damp wiping;
  2. the animal is scratching its chin;
  3. hair may fall out at the site of the lesion;
  4. rashes rise higher on the lips.

It might not just be the acne. It may also be fungus and banal flea infestation. In case of flea infestation you will be able to brush the excrement of the parasites on the white sheet out of the wool of. Acne is not combed out, and it is not recommended to do it. It is impossible to determine the presence of fungus or lichen yourself, that is why you need a veterinary dermatologist examination. Treating a fungal infection can be long and complicated, especially on the chin – next to the mouth and in places which the dog could reach with the paw and scratch.

How to Deal with the Problem Yourself?

If black scabs under dogs chin are timely noticed, they can be treated at home. The first aid includes the transition to diet food and careful wiping with disinfectants. Experts advise to use chlorhexidine, as it has no unpleasant smell and does not burn.  Although, you have to make sure that it does not get into the pet’s mouth as the taste is too sharp and will be remembered by the animal. Treatment from parasites should be regular, but if it was missed or the presence of fleas is explicitly determined, you can use a drug that is an emergency aid (for example, reputable Advantix). If plastic utensils are used for feeding, it is necessary to replace them by metal, glass or ceramic ones.

Before starting further treatment, it is necessary to go to the veterinarian. The fact is that home skin care with acne is very different from what is required in case of fungus. Accordingly, if the reason is the latter, then you can miss the stage when it was still possible to be cured. The veterinarian will examine the animal and prescribe the most effective and simple home treatment – there is no need to leave the pet in the clinic.

on dog chin black dotsNeglected acne turns into furunculosis, which is fraught with infection of the blood and affection of the mucous membranes. Open wounds on a dog’ chin are dangerous. The animal cannot lick this area, but it is quite easy to scratch it and bring the infection. Therefore, even if the problem is slightly pronounced with just a couple of points, you still need to put at least a disinfectant wipe and to follow hygiene while feeding and walking the pet.

You can easily differentiate dirty black dots on the dog’s chin from the disease on your own. But you will definitely need the help of the vet to recognize a specific diagnosis in case of problems. Remember that the animal is not able to lick and clean this area itself. If during meals it gets very dirty, you should help the pet by clearing its chin with a damp cloth after eating. If there are scratches, even small ones, you should disinfect them and observe them, not to miss the point of deterioration.

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