Black Dots on the Skin of Dogs: Causes, Treatment, Prevention


Black dots on dogs’ skin are referred to as comedones. Comedones are skin damage that occurs in a number of diseases. In fact, black dots are enlarged, clogged with sebum and dust entries of hair follicles. Most often the problem arises in the hairless dogs such as Chinese crested dogs. This is due to the fact that their sebaceous glands discharge a lot of secret.

Common Causes of Black Dots

Black dots on dogs’ skin are divided on primary and secondary ones. The difference lays in their causes. The primary comedones occur for the following reasons:

  1. dark dots on the skin of dogsDisorders in the thyroid gland-the hormones of this gland ensure proper hair growth, which is why the animal’s hair is replaced in a timely manner and there is no excessive production of sebum;
  2. Schnauzer Comedones Syndrome – the disease is hereditary and is found only in dogs of Tsverkshnautser breed. Black dots only appear on the back of the dog and not pose a threat. They are more of a cosmetic defect than a physical one and no treatment is required. If necessary, you can remove the black dots with the help of special therapeutic shampoos, such as Dr. Zoo. These shampoos perfectly clean the skin and the entries of the follicles and thereby prevent the formation of blackheads and inflammation that appears after them;
  3. Sebadenitis is an autoimmune disease that occurs due to the fact that against the background of a failure in the body the immune system cells begin to behave aggressively relative to the sebaceous glands. As a result, there is a change in the work of these glands, because of which the inflammation develops in them. Most prone to disease Akita inu, dachshunds, poodles and Samoyeds.

Secondary comedones appear as a symptom of demodicosis. Due to this disease, there is an active excessive secretion of sebum and inflammation of the glands. Secondary black spots can occur as a result of dermatofitia. Single comedones are not a pathology. This is a norm that does not give the animal discomfort. However, when the number of black dots is large, the dog needs therapy.

Rare Causes

There are also rare reasons for small black dots on dogs’ skin. These are not common phenomena:

  • little black dots on the skin of dogsSkin allergy to a shampoo. Most likely occurs in hairless dogs. Their skin with allergies begins to dry, that is why the production of sebum is further enhanced. As a result, entries of hair follicles and glands themselves are clogged, resulting in the formation of comedones. Frequently in such a situation, suppuration develops, and therefore the comedon is on top of a white pimple, which is a pus-filled abscess.
  • Incorrect housing conditions. If the dog lives in a dusty place, or bathe less often than 1 time in 6 months. Because of this, the skin accumulates a large amount of secret mixed with dust, which gradually clogs the entries of the follicles and pores. As a result, first there are little black dots on dogs’ skin, then, an abscess comes, as in clogged pores favorable conditions for the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria are created.
  • Wearing too tight clothes. This phenomenon occurs in representatives of short-haired breeds and hairless ones. In areas of friction, the skin is irritated and there is an increased secretion of fat, which is rubbed by clothing into the pores and entries. Also in such a situation, you can notice redness in the places of friction and even slight crusts on the places of damage to the upper layer of the skin.

Black spots more often occur if there are predisposing factors such as impaired metabolism, serious skin injuries and increased skin sensitivity.


With timely therapy, treatment is simple and gives positive results in a short time. If you ignore the condition of the animal for a long time, there is a high risk that the resulting purulent process will cause the appearance of a vast abscess that will require surgical autopsy.

When the dog is very active, and there is ulcus in the place of the comedons, you need to put on an animal a surgical collar which will prevent the dog from licking itself. This is necessary to prevent the spread of infection to the surrounding tissues.

small black dots on the skin of dogsIf surgery is not required, then a shampoo with benzoyl peroxide is prescribed for treatment. This substance perfectly removes excess sebum and helps to dissolve plugs, which are formed by fat and dust. You should wash the dog every day for 1 week and then 1 time a week for 2 months. If the problem persists, the use of shampoo stops. If the black dots on the skin of the dog appear again, it is necessary to use therapeutic shampoo constantly 1 time per month for prevention.

The use of coffee helps if the external camedon can be separated with little exposure. In this case, the spent coffee is distributed over the dog’s body while washing. You should massage the skin with its mass carefully in a circular motion. After that, you should wash the coffee grains out. If they remain in the coat, they will cause skin irritation.


In order to prevent the black spots on the belly you need to ensure well maintenance, regular, but not excessive washing: not more often 1 time in 5 months for dogs with coat and 1 time in 2 weeks for hairless ones. It is also important to organize proper animal nutrition and walking in the fresh air.

When buying clothes for dogs you need to carefully determine the size so that the clothes were not too tight and do not rub the skin. Having leaned why black dots appear on the body of the dog, the owner will be able to prevent problems or to arrange high-quality treatment.

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