What to Do if a Dog Has a Fever?


The normal body temperature in dogs is higher than in humans and reaches 38-39 degrees Celsius. That is why a dog has fever when the temperature rises higher – up to 40-41 degrees.

It is believed that the body fights infection with the help of high temperature. At this point, the brain activates the area, which responds to the invasion of viruses or bacteria by increasing the temperature.

Most of the invading “alien” organisms die in high temperatures. However, too high temperature indicates that the body can no longer cope with the problem itself. This can threaten the life of the animal.

Causes of Fever in Dogs

There may be many different reasons why a dog has fever. The most common ones are the following:

  • dog has fever and vomiting with foamvarious infections;
  • vermin;
  • viruses or other microorganisms.

Also, the cause may be a variety of disorders in the body:

  1. disorders of the endocrine system;
  2. metabolism;
  3. high activity of the immune system.

The body mal also react to toxic substances or drugs, as well as developing a tumor with the temperature rise. Sometimes the exact reasons cannot be determined at all. Then the diagnosis is made: fever of unknown origin.

The Symptoms of Fever in Dogs

You can determine that the dog has fever not only by measuring the body temperature, but by the presence of other symptoms. For example, when a dog has fever it is shaking. The accompanying symptoms are:

  1. dog has fever and vomitingThe dog is weakened, its appetite disappears.
  2. The animal often begins to tremble. There is frequent breathing and heartbeat, accompanied by dehydration.
  3. The sick pet usually has strange behavior, for example, the dog will try to hide.
  4. Sometimes a dog has fever and vomiting with foam.

If the condition lasts for a long time, it can eventually lead to shock.

Treatment of the Animal

In case you identified the above mentioned symptoms, it is necessary to measure the body temperature of the dog by entering the thermometer into the anus. The body temperature of above 39.4 degrees in dogs is considered to be high. After measuring the body temperature you should take the pet to the veterinary clinic, as only the vet can determine the cause of the disease on the basis of the examination of the dog and study its anamnesis. If the weather is cold, it is better to invite the vet to your house. If you cannot call a doctor, you can carry out a telephonic consultation, describing the appearance and behavior of the dog. Additional tests may be required:

  • dog has fever and it is shakinghemogram,
  • blood test,
  • blood smear,
  • urine test,
  • test for the presence of diseases of the immune system,
  • ultrasound of the kidneys, liver or heart,
  • lung x-ray,
  • biopsy of different tissues.

Treatment of dog with symptoms like fever depends on the diagnosis. If the diagnosis is not obvious, most often a course of treatment with antibiotics is prescribed. If the temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius, you should use antipyretic drugs for pets or aspirin. In order to facilitate the condition of the pet, you may put ice on the neck and inner thighs of the animal or wet the dog’s fur with cold water. Provide the dog with cool drinking water in small portions.

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