Dog Has Fishy Smell from Its Anus – Is It Normal or Pathology?


When our pets get ill, the responsibility falls entirely on our shoulders, since they cannot even complain. What does the bad odor coming from the excretory system organs of a four-legged friend mean? The reasons can be various, and the consequences are likewise manifold. To eliminate the unpleasant smell, you have to find out its cause.

Heavy Urine Odor

To find out why a dog has foul smelling urine, you need to recover its biological functions in your memory. It is a fluid that removes salt, toxins, drug metabolites, decomposition products from body systems. Therefore the causes:

  • dog has foul smell from its anusViolation of water-salt metabolism. It can be triggered not only by too much seasoning and salt in a diet, but also by the lack of liquid. Urine acquires a dark color and an acrid, putrefactive smell. In this case, you need to give your pet more water or other liquid, exclude salt and seasoning from the diet. If the pet’s condition worsens, you should better consult a doctor for a more detailed diagnosis.
  • Medicines. Pharmacological agents often disturb the metabolism as their excipients cannot be absorbed by the body and are excreted in the urine unchanged. Most medicines or food supplements intended for dogs only change the color of urine without affecting its odor.
  • Hormonal imbalance. The endocrine system also affects the quantity, quality (density, amount of toxins) and other urine parameters. The reason for the failure may be seasonal change, mating, disease. In pregnant and lactating dogs, changes in the smell and color are entirely normal. If there are no obvious reasons for the smell change, contact the veterinary clinic to confirm or exclude the hormonal imbalance.
  • Enhanced urine protein concentration. This is characteristic of various viral diseases, and an exceedance of meats in a diet. In combination with the smell, urine turns grayish or contains small white lumps. In this case, you need to reduce the proportion of animal products in a diet.
  • Kidney function disruption. The kidneys regulate fluid metabolism and excretion of foreign substances from the body. In case of malfunction, the kidneys cannot cope with the task, edemas appear, or vice versa, the dog has frequent need to urinate and rapid loss of fluid.

Fishy Fecal Odor

The diagnosis principle is the same as in the last paragraph. Both fecal secretions and glands near the anus can smell. In females in the process when in season and mating, the glands can emit a specific odor that attracts males. These reasons also explain why are dogs sometimes scooting its backside on the floor. If your dog has foul smell from its anus, here are some causes:

  • dog has smell from its anusInadequate nutrition. Diet should be based on animal products, meat (especially raw), offals. When carbohydrates (flour, sweets, cereals, potatoes) are added to the diet, the intestinal microflora undergoes changes that interfere with the food digestion process, which causes an unpleasant odor. Reconsider your dog’s diet, think of any changes have recently introduces to it.
  • Metabolic disruption. If the animal’s body is growing, changes in metabolism are normal. The causes can be various, one would never guess. If there are no other symptoms besides the smell (pain, rash, scabies), no action is required. If you observe your dog scratching itself under the tail, bring it for a checkup with the doctor!
  • Intoxication. In case of intoxication of the body, not only the stomach and intestines, but also the liver faces the unfriendly agent. Some enzymes that are excreted to combat the toxin have a very unpleasant odor. If you have noticed changes after a bowel movement or vomiting, give the dog some activated carbon or any other absorbent immediately and pay a visit to the vet.
  • dog has strong smell from its anusDiseases. When dysbiosis, constipation may cause meteorism, belching, a dog has bad smell coming from its anus. The same illnesses are also accompanied by appetite loss, weight loss, apathy, sluggishness. Another symptom is that the dog is constantly scratching under the tale.
  • Vitamin Deficiency. If you have a rare breed whose natural habitat is far from your area, there will certainly be a vitamin deficiency in its body. Often it is deficiency of vitamins A, E, B6. This condition is also characterized by hair loss, scaling of the skin, seborrhea, skin diseases. The usual multivitamin complex is suitable for solving such problem.

You can treat the source of the smell with wet wipes (non-alcohol based). It is not recommended to use deodorants or perfumes, since they can harm the pet’s health.

What Should Be Done?

If dog has bad strong smell coming from its anus, then you need to master the ability to cleanse its anal glands. After cleansing procedure, it is advisable to administer pills against allergies (2-3 days), switch the diet to a healthier one for 2-3 weeks.

You should always closely monitor your pet’s state of health, since we are responsible for what we have tamed. Take the trouble to spend the extra minute on the inspection of your pet at home or in a veterinary clinic.

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