Is it a Reason to Visit a Hospital if Dog has Injured Paw Pad?


Active and playful dogs often injure their paws when walking in the street. It is hardly possible to protect your pet from such problems, so the owner should not feel immensely guilty, if the dog ripped paw pad off. This may occur inadvertently, and even on the special animal training area, or due to the fact that the pet has a very delicate skin.

How Can this Happen?

Usually dog injury of pads paws happens when on the walk. Unfortunately, you can find broken glass in the cities, dog injured front paw padeven on park lawns and playgrounds. Especially dangerous are the cuts on the rusty metal, because there is a high risk of infection of the wound. Problems also arise from the wire, which can be hidden in the grass and on the road — along fences, pillars and buildings.

It enters the tissue, bends causing a lot of pain and making it difficult to extract it. Another case of dog injury of pads paws occurs while running on the asphalt. This happens rarely and depends not only on how broken the surface of the sidewalk is, but also how the animal walks and runs. Maybe the pet drags the limb and therefore is scratching it.

First Aid

It is better to have a cloth napkin or handkerchief and a little disinfectant during a walk. The one that is sold in the form of sprays for hands pocket size is suitable. Having washed or simply sprayed the wound with such a spray, it would be good to reduce the number of contacts of the affected limb with the ground. Most likely, the pet will try to draw it up, but if it does not and the dog is too large to take it in your hands, you can try to make a temporary dog injury of pads pawdressing of the handkerchief. In addition, if the house is far away, be sure to go to the nearest pharmacy where you can buy a bandage.

Treatment of shallow cuts on the pads of the paws is carried out in the same way as any other wounds. At home, it will be necessary to disinfect it with chlorhexidine once again and apply a healing cream. For a restless dog, which constantly tries to lick the damaged area, you can make a temporarily thin bandage. You need to make sure that the cut heals normally. If it starts to become inflamed, then you need to go to the vet immediately. This means that the first aid measures were either incorrectly carried out or the infection got very deep. Therefore, the tips above apply to superficial wounds rather than serious injuries.

What Do You Need to Know about the Problem?

It is not always necessary to consult the veterinarian if a dog injured front paw pad. It all depends on the degree of damage. If it is a small crack, from which blood oozes out, just clean it and not let the animal to lick the affected area. To speed up healing, hypoallergenic moisturizers and healing ointments are used. Deep painful cracks should be thoroughly cleaned with chlorhexidine (also recommend hydrogen peroxide, but it can be painful to dogs). After that, apply gels for disinfection and healing. The activity of the animal will have to be temporarily restricted.

To prevent and treat the wounds it is very important to understand why they occur? In addition to the obvious reasons such as running and playing on asphalt or paving stones, they may arise from the general dryness of the dog ripped paw pad offskin. Thus, the lack of zinc in the body is something that can be easily suspected if the surface of the paw pads is constantly cracking even in not very active animals that spend a lot of time at home. Dryness is treated with the use of soft moisturizers and nutrition adjustment, but the main thing here is not to overdo it. Do not create “greenhouse conditions”, because it is not natural for the animal.

In winter, paw pads of animals often crack due to the reagents, which are sprinkled on the ice. This mixture has a very bad effect on the skin of dogs. In winter, you should avoid walking where the road is clearly sprinkled with it. The owners of breeds prone to dermatological problems should put special shoes on their pets. Often wash the limbs of the animal after walking or at least wipe them with a damp towel. A similar problem occurs if the house floors after washing with chemicals have not been wiped with ordinary water. Animals do not tolerate contact with household chemicals.

The fact that the dog cut the pad on its paw is not the most dangerous situation. In many cases, the owner is able to cope with this independently, treating the wound at home and making sure that it is not inflamed. Deep, heavily soiled or torn on the edges cuts should be cleaned and disinfected by your veterinarian, to avoid further spread of the inflammation. To prevent the problem, you should walk on specially designated areas where there is clean sand and lawns.

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