Dog’s Ears Smell – How to Get Rid from Stench


Each dog has its own specific smell. Active dogs smell stronger than the lazy ones. As a rule, owners quickly get used to this feature and soon cease to notice it at all. Therefore, when during the contact with the animal the owner feels that the dog’s ears smell, he/she realizes that there are some problems.

Indeed, if your pet is healthy, its ears will not stink. Smell is often the first symptom of a disease. Later, if you do not hurry with the treatment, the dog begins to shake its ears, tries to scratch them with the paws. If the animal succeeds, a new problem adds – combs on the head which also require treatment. There could be several reasons why a dog’s ears smell.  Let us try to consider those that occur most often.

Puppies and Growing-ups

These periods of dogs’ life are characterized by rapid growth, enhanced metabolism and intensive work of all glands. In the auditory canal accumulates a lot of sulfur, and if it is not removed in time, there is an unpleasant smell. It is quite easy to get rid of it:

  1. dog's ears smell badOften check the condition of the ears (at least 3-4 times a month).
  2. Clean with cotton pad moistened (not wet!) with weak salt solution or pharmacy fluid.
  3. If the sulfur has accumulated deeply, do not try to take it out with an ear stick. Drip a few drops of hydrogen peroxide into the ear canal, rub the ear a little in a clockwise direction and remove the mass from the ear with a cotton pad.

Following these simple recommendations, you can easily clean the ears of the animal. In an extreme case, you can always go to the vet and entrust this procedure to a professional.

Features of the Ear Canal Structure

Some breeds (for example, German shepherds, dashhounds) are characterized by a large amount of sulfur produced. The feature of other breeds (such as Yorkies and German badger-dogs) is narrowed ear canal that also prevents the self-cleaning of the ears. To avoid the smell, the owners should not forget about the timely hygienic procedures. To avoid the spread of infection, clean each ear with separate cotton pad or ear sticks. Discharges from auditory canal of a healthy dog are of brown color and have a pungent smell, but if they are not removed in time, there is a favorable environment for the growth of microorganisms and, as a consequence, there is an unpleasant smell.

Unfortunately, the reasons are not always so harmless. If a dog’s ears smell bad, the reason may be various diseases. In such cases, the help of a veterinarian is required.

Fungal and Bacterial Infections

Such infections are more likely to occur in long-eared breeds. The prerequisites of the disease may be water ingress into the auditory canal, untreated inflammation of the middle ear, injuries and non-compliance with basic hygiene rules. Long ears close access to sunlight, which is able to cope with the infection in the initial stage of the disease. Dogs experiencing discomfort comb their ears and the area behind the ears, opening the way to additional infection. Signs of pathology are:

  • dog's ears smell like yeastdischarge of brownish liquid with a sugary sour-sweet smell from the auditory canal;
  • scratching of the area behind the ears;
  • twitching ears and tilted head;
  • in advanced cases – painful sensations.

The condition requires immediate treatment at a veterinary clinic and a serious attitude to it. Lack of medical care can lead to acute inflammation and hearing loss.

Ear Mite

Even with the most careful consideration of the inner surface of the ear you will not be able to find the ear mite. But there are several symptoms that indicate its presence:

  1. dark grains on the inner surface of the ear (parasite waste products);
  2. a large number of dark brown secretions;
  3. unpleasant smell;
  4. combs behind the ears.

If you suspect an ear mite infection (otodectosis), immediately contact your veterinarian. In the initial stage of the disease is not difficult to treat, but the drug should be prescribed by a vet. You should not delay the treatment, as the dog may completely lose hearing.


Red spots, rash on the ears, severe itching are signs of an allergic reaction to external stimuli. Food, the smells, the sun rays may provoke allergy. Firstly the owner should identify the cause and eliminate it. Then, you should eliminate the discomfort with the help of veterinary drugs, which will be appointed by the veterinarian.

Bruising and Swelling

Swelling on the ear or on the head near it can be the result of bruises, animal or insect bites, and sometimes a pappies ears smellmanifestation of a particular disease. The dog becomes restless, tries to comb the seal with his paw, walks, tilting his head to the floor.

If you are sure of the origin of the pathology, try to help yourself: wash the abrasion (if any), treat the ear with a special lotion (sold in a veterinary pharmacy), apply a thin layer of veterinary drug “Mastisan”. The instruction has no information about dogs’ treatment, but it deals with inflammation very well and usually does not cause allergies. The vet’s help is needed if the owner does not know what caused the seal. The dog needs to be examined. Surgery may be required.


This may be also the reason why the dog’s ears smell like yeast. The inflammatory process is accompanied by severe pain and unpleasant odor. In this case, urgently treat the auditory canal with saline or a special lotion, drip the drug from this disease into the ears. If there is no improvement within 3 days, consult a specialist.

Do not forget about the prevention of ear diseases in pets. This will not only keep your dog healthy but also save your nerves and money.

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