What Can Master Do if Dog’s Nose Is Hot?


Most dog owners know that their pets’ nose should be wet and cold in a normal condition. It’s a sign of well-being. If it is hot and dry, it means that something is wrong with the dog. Basically, all mammals have wet nose (except for humans and some primates). So what in dogs causes dryness of the nose, and should the owner always worry about it on this occasion?

Causes of the Problem

hot nose in dogsA dog’s nose is covered with mucus inside and above. It is produced by lepidic tissue (special glands). Mucus for dogs is a kind of chromatograph, an assistant, through which the movement of air is determined. It is the moisture that covers the top of the nose, helps the animal to determine different odors. It is a kind of barometer of the sense of smell.

However, the owners should not worry and take the dog to a specialist immediately when its nose has become hot and dry. There can be many reasons why a dog’s nose is hot. Not all of these reasons indicate the disease of the animal. For example, the dog that has just woken up normally has a dry and warm nose. The same is after physical activity, when the dog has been running and playing a lot and is a little overheated.

If the nose does not become wet during the period of calmness of the animal, the reason may be a change of environment or stress. Emotional experiences also pertain to animals and cause a lot of changes in the body.

Often a dog has hot nose because of allergies. Plastic utensils, from which the dog eats, often become the “culprit” of the problem. Allergy can occur to plant pollen, dust, detergents, some products. If the dog is prone to allergic reactions, owners should keep a food diary to record foods and monitor the reaction of the dog on them. Using this tip it will be easier to eliminate the allergen from the diet.

The nose may become dry, in response to the change in the weather — heat, cold, strong wind. For example, it gets hot in the cold as the immune system struggles with health-threatening weather effects. To help the pet, you can offer the dog's nose is hot and drydog a multivitamin. If the dog’s nose remains hot and dry for a long time, the cause in addition to allergies may be the flu. In such cases, the other symptoms also occur. The dog is sneezing, coughing, rhinitis appear. After a course of therapy prescribed by a vet, the dog recovers and its nose returns to normal physiological state. Simple fluid deficiency, lack of water in the drinking bowl can also lead to a problem in the warm season.

Often the causes of the problem are injuries. An attentive owner will easily detect their consequences, because there is visible edema, swelling or wounds. In this case, you will need to consult a specialist in a veterinary clinic. Pemphigus is a specific disease that manifests itself by the appearance of pimples on the nose in the form of bubbles. They burst, the crust is formed and the work of lepidic tissue is broken. In such cases the histology should be performed. That’s the only way to confirm the disease.

What Should the Owner Do When the Dog’s Nose Is Warm?

First of all, do not worry ahead of time. It is necessary to abandon the allergenic materials, for example, replace the dog's nose is warmusual plastic bowl from which the dog eats by a ceramic one. Experienced breeders advise to wash it with the soap but not with synthetic products that may contain allergens. Allergic dogs should be walked away from flowering plants, shrubs and trees. If the owner discovered the injury on the pet’s nose, which was the cause of its dryness, he/she should first lubricate the dog’s nose with ointment based on calendula or debride with antiseptic. Then you should take the animal to a specialist. Finding that the dog has hot nose, make sure there is water in the drinking bowl. Perhaps your carelessness was the cause of the discomfort and dehydration of the dog. Water should always be present in sufficient quantities and be available to the dog.

Observe the animal, pay attention to its behavior when detecting dry nose. Reduced physical activity and appetite, lethargy and disobedience may suggest that the dog’s problems are really serious, and you should hurry to the vet.

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