Dry Skin in Dog – Is It Dangerous for Pet’s life?


dryness of skin in dog

Almost always, dry skin in a dog indicates the development of a pathological process, the nature of which may be associated with parasites, fungi or bacteria. Decorative breeds prone to allergies suffer the most. But along with dryness, other skin problems appear in the form of redness and rashes.

If there is severe itching, then it is better to play it safe and exclude the possibility of ringworm, which is so difficult to remove if started.

Description of Possible Causes

If you look at the statistics, then the lion’s share of complaints that their dog has very dry skin is due to various types of allergies. The second place is behind parasites, followed by fungal and bacterial lesions.

A lot of attention is paid to concomitant symptoms and results of cytological and microscopic determination. This is the only way to exclude or confirm the following pathology.


Most often it leads to dryness, flaking and redness of the skin. The problem with dermatitis is that many objects and substances can act as an allergen, from a feeding bowl to a house plant that a pet has access to.

dry skin in dog

Masters should remember about flea dermatitis, which develops from bites or reactions to the saliva of fleas. The accompanying symptoms are severe hair loss (in some cases even complete baldness), terrible itching and the appearance of deep wounds due to scratching.

Very often, such lesions are complicated by a secondary infection. If you suspect an allergy, first of all, deworming is carried out, treated for fleas and ticks. And only then they consider the option of switching to hypoallergenic food.

It is more difficult if the allergen is house dust, the hair of other animals or plants in the house. In such cases, the animal is waiting for lifelong treatment, the main focus of which will be to achieve long-term remission.


Common in puppies 2-7 months old. First, small bald patches appear in certain parts of the body, and dry skin (usually pink) can be seen in the center of the lesions.

As during the progress, the dog begins to scratch more and more often. Dandruff appears in the coat, an unpleasant odor may be present. The diagnosis can be confirmed by microscopic determination of scales or dandruff from the affected areas.


dry skin and dandruff in dog

Another type of mite that can cause dry skin in a dog. The main difference from cheiletiellosis is the absence of itching and redness. But, there are also bald patches (in advanced cases, there is even complete baldness), in the center of which you can see black grains.

Dandruff appears in the coat, the skin becomes covered with white scales. Very often complicated by a bacterial infection. However, the activity of demodicosis is dangerous because it is always provoked by something. And usually these are serious reasons (tumors, recent surgery, a long course of antibiotics, childbirth, estrus).

In puppies, demodicosis can be the cause of hormonal disorders. Therefore, it is rarely treated, almost always all symptoms go away on their own. In adult pets, it all depends on the number and severity of lesions.

For example, generalized forms are always treated for a long time (1-4 months) and there is a risk of relapse. Drugs are well-reviewed, but it is contraindicated in some breeds, so it is better to consult a veterinarian before taking.

Acanthosis Black

An inherited disease affecting mainly the Dachshund breed. It can manifest itself at any age. Dry skin appears in the armpits, groin, and abdomen. As the process progresses, it darkens and coarsens even more. In these places, wool falls out (if it was present there). Itching is rare.

In advanced cases, the lesions turn black and become covered with a hard crust. If the disease manifests itself in the first year of life, then it is considered primary acanthosis. If during life, then secondary acanthosis, which is most likely triggered by allergies or bacterial infections.

There are a lot of reasons why skin can become dry, that is why master should prevent appearance of unpleasant symptom.

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