Flies Bites on Dog’s Ears – Can It Be Dangerous?


As spring sets in, the long-awaited warmth of the sun and green grass is a source of happiness not only with humans, but also with our four legged friends. However, a pleasurable pastime v can be overshadowed by the attack of flies. Bites of flies (and those can sometimes draw blood and leave unsavory wounds) bring not only great discomfort to the dog, but also often may cause dangerous diseases such as anthrax, sepsis, staphylococcal infection and tularemia. Therefore, every non-indifferent pet guardian must know what to do if there are fly bites on the dog’s ears.

How to Treat the Fly Bites on Dog’s Ears?

We, humans are able to protect ourselves from the bites of annoying insects with the help of various products. But our animals cannot take care of themselves. If the flies bite the pet’s ears, we should prevent negative consequences by protecting the dog and giving it timely treatment. You can boo away pesky insects by the following products.

A Fly-Bane ‘Mukhotsid’

A remedy against flies pestering dogs is available in the form of a spray. Diethyltoluamide acts as an active ingredient in it, menthol and camphor are used to enhance the effect. The repellent effect is maintained for 4-8 hours after application. If the animal has been caught in the rain or has been swimming in a nearby pool, re-applying is advisable.

Neocidol and Neostamosan

You may treat your dog at home with Neocidol. The antiparasitic agent repels flies, scaly mites and other blood-sucking insects. The product looks like a light brown concentrated emulsion with a light pleasant smell. Processing has to be conducted assuming 0, 05% emulsion for 1 treatment time in 9-10 days. You cannot use the product on sick and undernourished animals.

A good tool in the battle against flies, ticks, lice and other ectoparasites in animals, The product is based on transmix, tetramethrin with some fillers. Active components affect both central and peripheral nervous system of the arthropods.

When administered in recommended dosage, the product is completely harmless to homoithermic animals. It should be used assuming 1 ml per 200 ml of water. The solution may be applied on the ears of the pet and along the whole body area of the dog. A single treatment protects the pet from reinfection for at least 2-3 days.


flies bites on dog’s ears treatmentFlies would not be able to leave wounds if the pet’s ears if those are processed with a Butox water solution. The active ingredient of the insect-repellent drug is a synthetic deltamethrin pyrethroid, which makes the product so very effective against flies, ticks, midges, bedbugs, louses and other parasites. When ingested by arthropods, this substance inhibits the activity of peripheral nerves, which results in their paralysis. When administrated in recommended dosages the water emulsion is not dangerous for the four legged friends.

If there are fly bites on the ears of your dog, it is also advisable to treat the skin and coat of the animal with an aqueous solution of Butox (in dosage of 1 ml per 4 liters of water). Shaggy breeds of dogs can be even bathed in this solution. In a more concentrated form, the composition is used to combat ticks (1 ml of emulsion per 1.3 l of water).

Natural Home Remedies

If the flies pester the dog and bite it in the sensitive area behind the ears, you can take to the natural folk remedies that are available in every household.

  1. flies bites on dog’s ears cureCover dog’s ears with a decoction of a bay leaf. For the preparation of this remedy use 100 g of fresh leaves per 200 g of boiling water. The cooled brew should be filtered and used carefully, avoiding contact with the pet’s eyes and mouth. The remedy is effective not only against flies, but also when combating against ticks.
  2. If the parasites bite the pet’s ears, several drops of the tea tree essential oil applied onto the intact skin would do the trick. The aroma will serve as a natural defense against annoying parasites.
  3. The sensitive skin on the dog’s ears can be saved from the attack of flies, if you cover it with some vinegar solution (200 g of water mixed with 1 tsp. of vinegar). The smell of vinegar will act as a natural repellent against pests.

How to Treat Insect Stings?

on dog's ears flies bitesIf, despite all your efforts, the flies still managed to leave wounds on the pet’s ears, you need to process them without delay. First things first, wipe the injured skin with some Chlorhexidine. And subsequently cover it regularly with Levomekol. As of natural remedies, juice of plantain, bitter wormwood, bird cherry, wild ashberry or tansy may also contribute to the healing process.

If there are wounds left by insect stings on the dog’s ears, you should process those without prevarication or delays, using any of the above mentioned recipes. Otherwise, the inflammatory process will begin, bringing pain and suffering to the pet.

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