Lump on Dog’s Back – Is It Dangerous for Pet’s Health?


Having found a lump on dog’s back, the owners usually panic at first sight, immediately jumping to a conclusion that it is a cancer tumor. In fact, it may not be just as scary. A dog may have a lump on its back due to an insect bite or may even turn out to be nothing but a lump of stained wool.

Hematomas, hard formations and moist abscesses are real causes for the owner’s concern. After an independent examination at home, a visit to the veterinarian is recommended.

Allergic Reactions

A bump at the site of a wasp or mosquito bite is quite normal. The fact is that these insects inject poisonous substances into the puncture site, which are not enough for serious poisoning, however, it is enough to cause a local hard lump on dog's backallergic reaction. It is actually nothing but a small hematoma with inflammation around. Thus, a small lump on dog’s back that is firm and hot to the touch.

A more dangerous case is when the bump turns out to be a blood tick. Most people are accustomed to simply removing the parasite with and processing the wound with chlorhexidine or a dilute solution of iodine. Given that bloodsucking insects carry a number of dangerous infectious diseases, animals need to be monitored for the next few days.

If the dog got a lump on its back after the injection and the vet had forewarned about it, then there is no cause for concern. It is enough to ensure that the pet does not comb the place. You can also ask your doctor how to soothe itching with special lotions or gels. But if an enlarged subcutaneous hemorrhage appeared at the site of the injection, you should contact the veterinarian to draw out the blood before suppuration develops. Small bumps are often formed after vaccination as a temporary reaction that passes over a day.

Hematomas at the Sight of an Injury

Considerable danger is an injury to the animal’s back. Hematomas on the spine can develop not only subcutaneous hemorrhages from bruises, but also can conceal traces of closed fractures or displacement of the vertebrae. Adequate independent diagnosis is impossible, even palpating the back along the spine is not very helpful. This may cause the soft lump on dog's backdog severe pain and complicate the fracture even further, if there is one. It is necessary to ensure the animal as much rest as possible and take it to the veterinarian as soon as may be. It is best to choose a with an x-ray room.

For dogs of smaller sizes, a special type of injury is characteristic – falling from a small height on the back. It is difficult to imagine, but a dachshund that has fallen from the sofa can seriously damage its spine. If a bruise has formed, you should not wait for the moment when the dog has developed a lump on its back. It is necessary to show the pet to the veterinarian just in case and ensure as much rest as possible. Active games will only be allowed after full recovery.


Slowly increasing in size fatty lump on the back of a dog may turn out to be a tumor. Both malignant and benign, they pose a health hazard and cause discomfort to the animal. It can be difficult to move with them, they often touch smooth lump on dog's backnerves and even penetrate into the bone tissue. Diagnosis of cancer in animals is difficult, since the methods of examination are not yet as accessible in veterinary medicine.

It often happens that the growth is nothing but a common cyst, which does not carry a real threat to life and health, but rather delivers considerable inconvenience. Yes, it is unpleasant for the owner to know that his or her pet has some kind of a sore that cannot be healed, especially since it reminds of its existence every time you try to pet you four-legged friend. The same applies to papilloma, which often occurs in smooth-haired dogs. With these conditions, home monitoring and preventive examinations are considered the best approach.

Purulent Formation

After stabbed wounds and bites in dogs, dry scars should form. This being the case, do not worry. Dried crusts gradually peels out, they do not need to be removed. Fresh subcutaneous abscesses are purulent formations occur at the site of open wounds. Initially, blood is accumulated in them, but then, due to stagnant processes, suppuration and bacterial infection happens.

An abscess is not as soft to the touch as you might think. It is somewhat hard; the skin on it is very tight. It can change shape and increase in size. Do not undertake lancing abscess at home. This is fraught with blood poisoning and other serious complications.

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