Pimples Had Appeared on Dog’s Face – Is It aReason foe Panic?


White pimples on dog’s face (acne) is a phenomenon which is unpleasant not due to the loss of attractiveness of appearance, but because of possible medical conditions that provoke its emergence. It is important to diagnose the nature of formations and to establish the root cause, the structure of pimples, rash areas and the general condition of the pet. Laboratory studies of scrapings and notches from affected sites help to establish precisely why pimples occur, to make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.


The scientific term “acne” serves to unite all the manifestations of pimples on the skin of animals. Veterinary practice shows that the muzzle: chin, cheeks, flews are most often affected by acne. Purulent pimples on the dog’s face can be an independent disease that appears under the influence of the following factors:

  • purulent pimples on dog's faceage-related changes in puppies in the period of 5-8 months;
  • hormonal disorders in adults;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • feature of the breed; statistics show that boxers, pugs, bulldogs, Rottweilers have acne more often.
  • skin injuries, such as splinters, cuts, insect bites.

It should be noted that in the scientific world, veterinarians and physicians have not reached the consensus on the causes of acne as a separate disease, so the above factors are still a scientific hypothesis. You can identify acne as a disease according to the following features:

  1. The appearance of red bumps or papules, as well as red pimples on dog’s face, cheeks, chin, flews.
  2. Purulent discharge with concomitant infection.
  3. Itchy skin, the animal scratches his face on objects and the floor.

Acne treatment consists in washing with antiseptic agents, wound healing compresses of calendula and chamomile, treatment with benzoyl-peroxide ointments and use of antibiotics in case of complications. In most cases, acne manifests itself as a secondary disease, so you should conduct a comprehensive examination of the dog.


white pimples on dog's faceThis is another type acne affection, which is provoked by pathogenic bacteria of the staphylococcal group and leads to inflammation of the skin. Pyoderma appears on the face of the dog in stages. In the initial stage appear rash, papules, ulcers and inflammation of the skin, as well as roundness with a scaly center or epidermal collars. With the development of the disease, the skin darkens, is covered with scabs, all this is accompanied by hair loss, skin itching and pain. Most often, pyoderma is a secondary disease against the background of skin diseases, lack of immunity and infections. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out complex therapy not only against acne but also against the underlying disease.

Other Reasons

Among other reasons for the occurrence of big pimples on dog’s face, the most common are the following diseases.

  1. red pimples on dog's faceDemodicosis or scabies. The causative agents of the disease are mites-parasites, who prefer to settle under the skin, causing inflammation and itching. Infection occurs in direct contact with the carrier against the background of general immunodeficiency.
  2. Dermatophytosis or lichen. The affection is caused by fungal infections that appear in the form of scaly formations on the skin and wool. It is characterized by severe itching and baldness. At the initial stage the disease is manifested in the form of local rounded spots, which may spread in the body in the chronic stage.

Lichen is transmitted through direct contact. Humans could also be affected.

  • Colitis and gastritis. White pimples on dogs face can be caused by disorders of the intestinal microflora. Rash on the chin is characteristic of problems in the colon, rash on the cheeks indicate problems in the small gut.
  • Allergy. Reactions to food, pollen, chemicals and other allergens often cause itching and pimples.
  • Metabolic disorders, vitamin deficiency, immunodeficiency. The general weakening of the animal caused by malnutrition, sedentary lifestyle or fungal infections of different nature may also be accompanied by acne.
These diseases are primary in relation to acne, so the elimination of skin irritation should begin with the diagnosis and treatment of the underlying disease. Whatever the cause of rash is, you should not squeeze pimples. Neat wiping with antiseptic solutions will help to remove itching.

Thus, pimples on a dog’s face may indicate both simple skin irritation, which can be cured quickly and appears when the lack of hygiene, and the hidden diseases of the immune nature. Consistent diagnosis in the laboratory allows you to identify the true cause, diagnose and prescribe effective treatment.

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