Why Dogs May Have Watery Eyes?


The eyes of animals are washed with a lacrimal fluid, which has an antibacterial effect. It moisturizes and protects the cornea from external factors, removes various impurities from the ocular surfaces. But increased lacrimation is not a healthy condition and can not only be a consequence of an unwanted contact with a foreign body, but also a symptom of a serious illness or mechanical injury. If a dog has runny eyes, do not attempt to solve the problem on your own and seek help from a specialist to prevent any serious consequences that may threaten the health of your four-legged friend, such as blindness or removal of the eyeball.

External Factors

Possible external cause of increased lacrimation in a dog can be:

  • watery eyes in dogs causesFouling of the eye cornea by dust, or litter. To get rid of a foreign body on the eye surface, you should to clean the corneas using clean cotton pad wetted in an an antiseptic.
  • Wrong coat hair growth can cause eye irritation. You should regularly cut the hairs near the eye area, since they not only cause increased lacrimation, but also prevent the dog from seeing well.
  • Overly dry air in the house, which often happens during the heating season. It is necessary to aerify the living area more often, and to administer protective eye drops to the pet, that would not allow drying of the eye cornea.
  • Sprays that are diffused nearby can cause increased tearing. As well as a long staying in smoke-filled room.
  • Eye Diseases.

If the eyes of a dog are watering and festering, it is possible that this is a symptom of an ophthalmologic disease, or progression of an inflammatory process. You should contact your veterinarian if you observe any of the following symptoms:

  • purulent discharge;
  • severe corneal redness;
  • eye irritation, itching;
  • violation of the main functions of vision.

If you do not pay due attention to the symptoms above, the disease will progress and may lead to the further development of serious pathologies, including complete loss of vision in a pet.

Severe lacrimation may indicate ophthalmic pathologies, inflammatory diseases of the conjunctiva, and impaired function of the eye structures. Common eye problems include:

  • watery eyes in dogs helpAllergic reactions. Allergen in this situation may be pollen, new food, chemicals. A characteristic feature is the outflow of clear fluid from the eyes. The treatment includes administration of antihistamines.
  • Inflammation, or blockage of the lacrimal canal. May be a consequence of severe inflammation. Symptoms: severe tearing with yellowish liquid, photophobism, red eye whites. Treatment is prescribed after a complete diagnosis, surgical intervention is sometimes required.
  • Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva. Symptoms: mucous purulent discharge, corneal redness, swelling of the eyelid, frequent blinking and squinting of eyes. Antibacterial ointments and preparations are used for treatment.
  • Glaucoma is a very serious eye disease, often leading to loss of vision. Symptoms: wide pupils, whites’ redness, corneal swelling, apathy, loss of appetite, photophobia. Treatment is symptomatic.
  • Eye Trauma can be a source of inflammation in the eye and subsequent heavy lacrimation. In rare cases, there may be bleeding and redness in the eye-sockets.

Systemic Diseases

In many cases, if a dog’s eyes are watering and festering, this is due to systemic diseases, which are often accompanied by ophthalmologic expressions. Tearing can occur with the following diseases:

  1. watery eyes in dogs treatmentcold;
  2. viral diseases;
  3. pneumonia;
  4. immunodeficiency;
  5. helminthiasis;
  6. parasitic infections;
  7. hormonal disorders.

Before starting treatment, a differential diagnosis should be carried out, after which medications are prescribed in accordance with the results.

If the pet is a senior one, it may develop an increased lacrimation, since the lacrimal canal no longer produces the necessary amount of the fluid and the cornea turns dry.

Prevention and eye hygiene, sufficient care and attention, proper nutrition, timely support of the immune system will guarantee excellent health of your pet. Bright eyes, without any visible discharge are an evidence of the perfect physical shape of an animal.

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