How to Deal with Weeping Wound in a Dog?


If a dog has a weeping wound on any part of the body, then in no case should this symptom be allowed to flow. The fact is that there is a high probability that the reason may lie in ringworm, which is very contagious to other animals and the master.

Other diseases can cause discomfort and pain directly to the pet itself; they are not dangerous for the master.


Here we are talking about serious damage that can be received after a serious run-in with another animal (deep bites, cuts from claws, torn pieces of meat). Also, serious injury can result from burns (chemicals or from contact with hot objects) and frostbite.
Almost always, a weeping wound appears at the site of the lesion, inside of which there is a ichor. There may be slight swelling and redness around.

It should be remembered that burns and frostbite take a very long time to heal, so it is important not to lose patience and follow the precautions to the end so as not to infect an open wound.


The most common cause of weeping wounds on the head of a dog. It usually starts with a slight redness, which eventually transforms into a bald area. Wetness is added with severe allergic reactions.

The number of such wounds rarely exceeds 2-3. There is no tendency to merge into one large lesion. Contact with strong allergens (house plants, weeds growing in the field) can cause such an aggressive reaction. For decorative breeds, this may be some kind of product (flour, sweet). Most often, the symptoms described appear after eating grapes, as they are toxic to all breeds. Unfortunately, no analysis can help you determine the cause of the allergy. Only the method of excluding foods included in the diet and switching to hypoallergenic feed will help here. In severe lesions, the use of antihistamines and antiseptic treatment of lesions are indicated to exclude the addition of a secondary infection.

Insect Bites

In most cases, they are painless and do not cause serious complications in animals. But, there are times when the bites fall on the groin, genitals, eyes, nose and ears. Edema may develop along with redness.

Severe itching is almost always present, causing the dog to scratch the area until it bleeds. Hence the appearance of a weeping wound at the site of the bite.

The solution to the problem is only in the timely treatment of the lesion with an antiseptic solution and taking antihistamines to reduce puffiness and itching. The most unpleasant are the bites of bees, hornets, gadflies and some species of ants.


The most unpleasant and dangerous cause of weeping wounds in dogs. Shingles are dangerous because they can be infected by everyone who lives in the house. Infection most often occurs from other animals (kittens).

At the initial stage, it may not appear in any way, but over the course of the process, you can notice the appearance of small, rounded bald patches in different parts of the body (usually the abdomen, places of folds on the legs and ears). Also, for lichen wounds, weeping is characteristic, which appears after the pet has licked or combed this place. In advanced cases, abscesses appear in the center of the lesion.

The diagnosis can only be confirmed by taking pits from the affected areas for microscopic examination. In advanced cases, culture and cytology may be needed to determine the type of fungus. In some cases, a Wood lamp is used, under which the areas affected by the fungus will glow green.

Pics of Weeping Wound in a Dog

Finally, a few words about diabetes mellitus, in which a dog may have weeping wounds even after small damage. But, the main symptoms, nevertheless, remain excessive thirst, obesity, rapid weight loss and vision problems.

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